By A.G.Billig
Mar 1st, 2019

Who are you? What do you answer when someone asks you this question? Do you say your name or your job title? Do you mention your marital status or being a single child to an amazing mother?  I would answer, same as my dear friends Mike and Ai once said that I’m nobody and everybody at the same time.  

Nobody because same as you I am cosmic energy having an earthly experience as a human body. Everybody because I am connected with you and you and you. One year ago my answer would have been different, though. I actually took pride in calling myself a digital entrepreneur and a woman. Cute labels, aren’t they?

We are so used to the labels other people put on us early on that we forget our true nature and identify with them. We even measure our self-worth up to people’s reactions to these labels. Although we’re not quite comfortable with some of them, we keep them because they make us look good, or so we like to believe.

That is until a life-changing experience shakes our world from the ground. Then, we start questioning the status quo. Listening to the voice of our heart. Taping into our innate inner knowing. Expressing our truth and, finally, allowing others to express theirs even when it’s different from ours.

We drop the old labels and, in the beginning, adopt new ones. Now, we are light-workers and healers and spiritual people helping others to ascend. We create our little bubble, away from harm; stay away from the mundane; send love and light to everyone. Storm can be so beautiful and inspiring when we’re watching it from our cozy sofa by the fireplace.

As we continue our journey we finally come to realize that a label is still a label and what we came for on Earth aren’t labels but experiences. As infinite beings within human bodies, we get to play with our psychic abilities and astral traveling. But we also experience playing different roles– women, men, children, parents, professionals, workers, citizens born in a certain country within a certain culture. The question is how can we enjoy all these experiences without forgetting who we are?

I always considered myself a world citizen and felt at ease in all the places I traveled. As long as I feel the dirt under my feet and fill my eyes with the blue of the sky, I’m home. I never cared much about politics. Marianne Williamson, renown spiritual teacher and bestselling author, changed that with her keynote speech at the Conscious Life Expo 2019 and her decision to run for president of the United States of America. It has never occurred to me that a spiritual teacher could use the energy in service of love by getting involved in politics and considered Mahatma Gandhi being the exception to the rule. I believed that being part of the system meant becoming the system. So I pretended politics didn’t exist.


“If you’re not looking at something that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” said Marianne Williamson. “To transcend something is to become conscious of what you’re living through.” She made me think that maybe now is the right time for the awakened people to get involved with the system. Take on their roles of citizens and, as Marianne said, bring love and light into the structures many see as corrupt and rotten.

After all, where there is love there are always miracles.

PS – If you want to support Marianne Williamson to become president of the United States of America, click here.

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