Mar 7th, 2014

A.G. Billig is a multifaceted creator, published author, and  agent of inner transformation. She also helps authors make the world a kinder place, one book at a time.

Through her work and different forms of artistic expressions (books, interviews, videos, articles, teachings, and workshops), she empowers people to tune into the frequency of love and thus live their best lives.

As the daughter of a French father and Eastern-European mother, A.G. sees herself as a world citizen and galactic being who speaks the universal language of love. She is passionate about music, travel, storytelling, spirituality, nature, animals, entrepreneurship, dancing, and photography.


A.G. Billig‘s fiction and non-fiction books revolve around love. For those of you in search of inspiration and answers to existential inner questions, her books will trigger and facilitate a life-changing inner transformation process, by helping you learn to love and express yourself.

She began writing short stories at the age of 8. Soon after, children’s magazines featured her creations. She won several first prizes in major national writing contest for young people in her country of origin, Romania, in short story, reportage, and drama categories.

A. G. Billig’s first book, Four Doors and Other Stories, was traditionally published in  November 2012 by  MP Publishing (U.K.). Datagroup publishing house released the Romanian version in June 2013. She is also the author of several personal growth books: “I Choose Love: A Journey from Fear to Love,” “6 Easy Steps to Ending a Toxic Relationship: Unplug the Negativity Chord and Jumpstart Your Emotional Healing,” and “Open Your Heart, Rise in Love: Six Secret Doors to a Healthy and Happy Relationship.”

Her writing and publishing career spans two continents – Europe and North America, and four different countries – the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, and Romania.


A.G. Billig has always known that there is more to life than meets the eye, or what society tells us. In 2009, during a three-week pilgrimage in Abadiania, Brazil, she connected with her Soul mission: using her creative gifts to help people remember that love is their true nature.

Her extensive study of the spiritual masters’ books, attunement to various healing systems (Reiki, The Violet Flame) and the Silva Method training resulted in a personal holistic method where multiple techniques are combined to bring positive inner transformation and restore love, health, abundance, and joy in one’s life.


As a self-publishing expert and author coach  A.G. Billig is on a mission to educate, empower, and elevate writers to make the world a kinder place, one book at a time.

A.G. Billig has a BA in Languages and Literature (English and French) and a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Communication. For the past ten years, she has presented and produced radio and TV shows and was also involved in building awareness and driving sales for various international brands as a PR expert.

A.G. Billig is also an experienced book marketing workshop presenter and a frequent guest on writing panels and conferences. Her speaking engagements include book marketing and creative writing workshops for The Greater Los Angeles Writers’ Conference, The Digital Author and Indie Publishing Writers Conference, Genre LA Creative Writing Conference, Anaheim Public Library, The West Coast Masters Workshops, and book marketing and creative writing webinars for the Author Learning Center and the Self-Publishing Advice Conference by ALLi. Her key areas of expertise are brand building, traditional media and PR, book launch events and campaigns, public appearances (including TV and radio interviews) and metadata. 

In 2016,  founded Self-Publishing Mastery. An awarded top-100 self-publishing blog, the platform is a place where authors can find all they need for successful self-publishing.


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