Six Pearls of Wisdom My Mother Taught Me

By AnDreea
Feb 10th, 2022

My mom has been helping people since I can remember. She is always there for those in need, friends or strangers alike. Whatever she touches, whether it’s a plant, her green-and- orange gingerbread house or somebody’s soul, it blossoms. As a teacher, she shaped several generations of young women into amazing and compassionate human beings. She loves people, art, traveling, classical music, and her most guilty pleasure is wearing perfume. And today, she turns 80.

So today is all about her and this article is written in her honor. My mother set an example to follow not only with her actions but also with her wisdom. Here are six pearls of wisdom from my mother that shaped my life, hoping they will serve you well.

1. Help others as much as you can.

One of the greatest joys you can experience in this lifetime is to be of service to other. Helping other people is naturally ingrained in us, but when we get caught up in fear narratives, we forget it. Helping others allows you to act like a messenger in the hands of the creator and expand beyond your little bubble. It creates a ripple effect that makes this world a kinder place.

2. Always speak kindly (and be kind).

Words are powerful and, when harsh and hateful, can inflict wounds that are hard to heal. One kind word can save somebody’s life while hateful speech can destroy it. Have a kind word for everybody you meet and speak kindly and politely even when you’re angry. You can speak kindly and politely and still get your get message across and have firm boundaries.

3. Keep your desk tidy.

This applies to anything, from your home to your garage, car, and workspace. By keeping your space clear and orderly, your mind stays clear and organized. It also improves your state of being by making you feel good about yourself. A neat and tidy space is also more inviting to whatever you plan on doing since it is a pleasure to be there.

4. Have faith

Always have faith in yourself and the Creator. Faith will keep you going through rough times, follow your dreams, and expand because it’s always surrounded by its faithful friends: passion, perseverance, courage, and trust. Faith also helps you stay connected to your multidimensional nature and remember that you are an infinite, spiritual being having a human experience.

5.  Forgive!

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Many people can’t forgive because they feel they would betray themselves and want justice to be done. But by carrying the heavy burden of resentment or anger, they remain trapped in the past and rob themselves of the beauty of life. Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from the situations and people that no longer serve you and eliminating from your life limited energy forms that prevent you from expressing your highest potential. 

6. Enjoy the little things.

We are conditioned to believe that happiness comes from big things: the promotion, the luxury car, the big house and such. Some people believe that happiness is expensive and requires hard work, while, in reality, the opposite is true. It is by enjoying and being grateful for what we call little things, those things that are effortless and sometimes free, such a flower, sunset, a kind word, a tasty home-meal, a bubble bath at the end of a long day, a hike in the forest, that we build momentum and attract the big things. Enjoying the little things shifts the focus on the full side of the glass, fueling our wellbeing and creativity.

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