Love is the only Guardian left

By A.G.Billig
Jun 13th, 2016


If you were a character in the Warcraft blockbuster, you would be either an orc or a human. As a human, you would be a prisoner in a wooden cage or a soldier. Either way, you would have to confront Gul’dan, the powerful Orc Shaman.

Luckily, I am not, you will argue from the comfort of your living room thinking about that self-defense weapon you hid in the lingerie drawer from your upstairs bedroom. Yet, our world today resembles very much the world in Warcraft. Gul’dan is more powerful than ever. Gul’dan is fear. Fear is more powerful than ever. Same as the dreadful character in the movie, fear drains us of our vital force, making us easy preys to its aids: manipulation, control, illness, decay. Fear turns us into living dead. We become aimless wanderers in our lives, despite the apparent purposes and precise schedules.

The root of all fears is the fear of death. We falsely believe that death is the end whereas death is a gate to another dimension. A cloud that transforms into rain doesn’t cease to exist. It just changes shape. I heard a lady talking about her grandma’s death. Just before her spirit left the body, the old woman told her granddaughter that she was going on a pink, soft cloud. “There is plenty of room for you, too. I’ll see you later,” she said. The lady was saying that her perception of death was altered for good. “I no longer fear death,” she claimed. Fear of death expresses also in our fear of rejection or being judged. This means a symbolic death of our ego. Fear of death manifests in our worries about not getting what we think need from the outside world. Fear is also a result of believing we have no control of our lives, that we are at the mercy of fate. Somehow, Gul’dan gets to us all. On the emotional scale, fear lies at the lowest point, together with grief, depression, powerlessness, and victimhood. Lies love at the opposite pole, the highest point on the same scale.

Gul'dan, the embodiment of fear in "Warcraft"

Gul’dan, the embodiment of fear in “Warcraft”

In our Azeroth, love is the Guardian. The only one who can awaken us and save us. Once we reconnect to our heart – the keeper of the Truth, we gradually bring the Guardian back to life. The living dead awakens into a rebel who becomes a survivor. The survivor puts on the warrior armor and later becomes a king. What’s a king without wisdom? Finally, the king becomes a seeker.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our earthly existence is governed by a life plan we agreed to before we descended into our mother’s womb. We leave this world when we the time is right. No sooner, no later. Hopefully, we have learned our life lessons by then and accomplished our missions. Our soul is aware of it, but we ignore it.

From darkness comes light. Instead of surrendering to fear let’s turn on our inner light. Instead of grieving let’s see the deeper meaning of each event. Instead of hating, let’s show compassion. Instead of focusing on the current problem, let’s focus on our vision about the best possible life.

Choose being in touch with your emotions over numbness. Choose harmony over chaos. Choose responsibility over comfort. Choose love over fear.

Love is the miraculous potion that rescues us from oblivion.
Love is the Guardian of life.
Love is your Guardian angel.
Love is the only Guardian left.


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