A lucky bet: first Romanian author to have a worldwide English debut enters MP Publishing catalogue

By A.G.Billig
In News
Oct 29th, 2012

A.G. Billig, the first Romanian writer to have a worldwide English debut,  releases her first short stories eBook at the end of November, as an undersigned author of M P Publishing. Entitled “Four Doors and Other Stories”, the volume is romance and beyond: an exploration of love, in various forms. A.G. Billig believes that love is everywhere. In a mother’s embrace, in an elephant’s trumpet like squeak, in the sea waves caressing your feet, in the passionate glance of a long – forgotten lover. People just have to open their hearts, have faith and reach for it…

MP Publishing releases “Four Doors and Other Stories” as part of its program of discovering and bringing new and talented voices to the literary marketplace. Innovative in its approach to marketing but remaining committed to the time-honored style of publishing, MP Publishing will continue to introduce new and exciting authors and their respective titles from across the nation and beyond.

“Four Doors and Other Stories” will be available for sale on all major eBook outlets: Amazon, iBookstore, Sony, Gardners, Firsty Fish, ebooks.com, Ingram, Overdrive, Kobo, Barnes & Noble.

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