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Apr 8th, 2021

If it’s April, it The BookFest Spring again!On April 17th and 18th, join A.G. Billig and an array of talented authors for two days of books, fun, and cool prizes.

Can book makes the world a kinder place, one book and one reader at a time? A.G. Billig believes the answer is yes. As a child, books helped her broaden her horizon, think outside the books, and find her path in life. They fueled her imagination and sharpened her critical thinking.

Successful authors and entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins confess that books were their only support in some of the darkest time of their life.

We live unprecedented times when the fear narratives and restrictions imposed on people represent the perfect opportunity to go within, claim our authenticity and inner power, and build the file we want. In times like this, books can be beacon of hope and a guiding light.

This is the message that A.G. will share on April 17th, at 10:00 am PST, during the opening of The BookFest Spring 2021, in a conversation with Desiree Duffy, the founder of the festival, and Deborah Kobylt.

Bestselling and award-winning authors James Rollins and Jonathan Maberry also join The BookFest as guest speakers.

The BookFest2021 is free to attend and open to participants from all over the world. For more details, updates, and registration, check The BookFest website.

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