By AnDreea
Jan 6th, 2022

A new year has just begun, and now is the right time to set the tone for the next 12 months. What if instead of worrying and buying into the fear narrative that’s being presented to you by the mainstream media, governments, and politicians you chose to listen to your inner wisdom and stand in our power?

What if instead of criticizing yourself, you’d love yourself more? How would your days look like if you’d follow your true calling and truly loved what you did? What if you could love your life regardless of the external circumstances?

It is our mission, as women, to anchor the frequency of love on planet Earth. But first we need to anchor it into our own lives. This Sunday January 9th, at 3pm PT/6pm EST, join me and the lovely Elysia Buss for an online conversation on how to love who you are, love what you do, and love the life you create. To learn more about the event and register, please visit Phoenix Rising Women’ s Group on Facebook.

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