Ro-IFF 2015 Interviews: Kenith Trodd, PRODUCER

By A.G.Billig
Sep 13th, 2015
Kennith Trodd

Kenith Trodd

The first thing that struck me about Kenith Trodd was his deep, young, beautiful voice. I could hear it from outside my garden view room, engaged in a conversation about movies with the French director Alix Delaporte. Later on, I had a chance to record it for Ro-IFF 2015 interviews. Ken Trodd has a distinguished record as a Producer in British films and television. As well as several theatrical movies and many series he was also responsible for in excess of 50 single dramas for the small screen, most of them made as films.Personal awards include the BAFTA Alan Clarke Award for outstanding creative achievement; The Royal Television Society’s Silver Prize for creative achievement.

I talked with Ken about the BBC’s Golden Age, when he could have taken more risks, about success, creativity and what keeps him glued to the screen, to see a movie, about the privilege of doing what you love.

“I feel happy when I work with other creative people.Producers are competitive. ”

“I try not be so conventional about success and ambition but is very hard. There are things you made that don’t win awards but you love them. It’s a great privilege to do it and people should be ┬ávery grateful for the privilege and not take it for granted.”

“You can not make a film like a pie. It’s a product of the human spirit that evolves and changes and is unpredictable. It’s kind of magic.”

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