By AnDreea
Apr 4th, 2015

Bucharest is a vibrant city, with a bustling night- life. As a writer, I love getting out there, documenting places and people through the camera lens.

Seba - Rezident X

Seba – Rezident EX

Rezident – EX is an international rock music super group led by Tavi Iepan – composer of some major Romanian rock hits.


Seba - Rezident-EX

Seba – Rezident-EX

I confess that guitar is my favourite instrument of all….

chitara (1 of 1)

Nimic Intamplator (Everything happens for a reason) is a new band formed by the experienced and gifted Romanian guitar player Eugen Mihaescu.

Eugen Mihaescu

Eugen Mihaescu 

Flaviu Crisan – actor, former TV – presenter, special guest on some tracks performed by “Mimic Intamplator” band

Flaviu Crisan

Flaviu Crisan

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