May 26th, 2018


Women are the ambassadors of love on planet Earth. We are born with the gifts of kindness, grace, beauty, intuition, gentleness, wisdom, nurturing life, and giving birth.

We are role models of love for our children, girls and boys alike, and we can create a safe space for the men in our lives to experience and express unconditional love.

Yet, conditioned by our upbringing and pressured by society, we forget how beautiful and magnificent we are, and often see ourselves as victims of circumstances, or men.

Find Your Love Workshops are designed to empower and inspire you to love yourself, love what you do and love your life.



There has never been a better time for you to be a storyteller. In the democratized era of publishing, authors are in full control of their creative output, can reach broad, global audiences, and make a full-time living as writers.

All you need to do is master the self-publishing game. I offer a variety of live workshops on book marketing and writing craft. Over two hundred people on the U.S. West Coast have already attended my live master workshops on how to market books like a pro, build your author platform and brand, create a successful book launch campaign, use traditional media and PR effectively, and avoid writer’s block.

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