The Promise to Yourself

By A.G.Billig
Nov 9th, 2017

A while ago, you made a promise to yourself. It’s not about last week’s I will quit smoking, or I’ll go more often to the gym resolution. It’s what you agreed upon when you were a sparkle.

In terrestrial years, this happened in a distant past that you seem to have forgotten it. But in the infinity of the Universe, that moment when you made the promise is just a blink of an eye away. If you search your soul, you might remember you were in the presence of other sparkles, somewhere beyond the clouds. A place where everything stems from, a realm buzzing with our whispers of need or sorrow or gratitude. And you’d better search your soul same as your soul is searching you all the time. It makes you excited or melancholic, hot or cold, energetic or passive. Hoping that you will remember the promise you’ve made.

No riches or social status will make you feel complete. Fulfilling the promise to your soul, will. There are so many examples of people displaying the external signs of success – money, fame, popularity, which are so miserable that they need to numb themselves with drugs or commit suicide. All of these can’t compensate for missing to keep the promise to your soul.

Now that 2017 is coming to an end, I realize that this is one the most valuable lesson this special year – the last in the current cycle, taught me. I had to travel extensively and spend several months away from the place I was born to remember the promise I had made to myself before I took up my current body. The pieces of the puzzle came together on the shore of the Pacific, in Southern California and of the Ireland Sea, near Dublin. I will never forget the day when a Japanese couple, approached my table at the Holistic Fair in the Temple of Light in Irvine. It was a lazy Saturday morning, just before the 4th of July, with few visitors. Mike and Ai were the first people who came to say hello to me, intrigued by a program I was presenting.

“Awaken your inner love fairy, that’s interesting,” said Mike picking one of the leaflets on the table. “We are teaching love, too.”

“In Japanese, Ai means love,” said the woman.

I believed them without asking or needing proof. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience, to feel uplifted, peaceful, and filled with grace just by being next to someone. We talked for a little while and before they said good-bye, Ai looked me straight into my eyes and said:

“You should be a teacher! Not a schoolteacher, of course,” she added after a short break sensing my bewilderment. “You’re doing good.”

Although my mind was saying who are you to this, no, you can’t, what experience do you have? my soul was happy.

“It was just about to remember,” I heard it whispering.

Later in the summer, while sitting on the beach in Bray, Ireland, a flood of images began to roll in front of my eyes, like a movie. I could see sparks popping up in different corners of the world until the light chased away the darkness. People were awakening their inner love, they were becoming ambassadors f love with their thought, gestures, and deeds. My soul was singing again, filling me with such enthusiasm and energy I had never experienced before. And it whispered again: “You need to embody the promise before you can pass it on to other people.”

Nobody can tell what you promise to your soul is but you. I might be a talent, ability, growing, learning, loving, serving. Once you start being present in the moment and paying attention to what’s going on around you, you will find it. Don’t worry; it’s easy. Until you remember it and live by it, every person and every situation in your life are meant to reveal the promise to you.

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