The Keys To Financial Freedom With Laurie Bonser

By A.G.Billig
Apr 4th, 2016

Laurie Bonser - The Law of Attraction Meets Financial StewardshipLaurie Bonser, a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional, financial coach and author shared with me the keys to financial freedom. We had our conversation after I read her latest book, The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship, which I highly recommend. This lady walks the talk. Her writing comes from a place of genuine willingness to help people master their financial life. Thousands of hours of coaching clients, personal experiences and spiritual practice shaped the valuable ideas presented in the book. Scroll down to listen to the whole interview and read the main ideas in the article below.

Money is a tool
There is so much more to the world of finances than what we see in the media about making proper retirement investments or buying a particular insurance tool. In my opinion, this comprises 10% of financial planning. Financial planning encompasses looking at who we are authentically, what are life purpose is, how we view money. A lot of people view it as the root of all evil or this separate force that can control us. My perception is that money is a tool. It’s a resource that we’ve been given to use. By viewing money as a tool we have the opportunity of making conscious choices about how we view that and to take more control, use our free will. The lack of sufficient financial education and communication between ourselves and our families often has a huge impact on the health of our relationships, on how we make choices for our career and bring up our children, what lifestyles we choose.

We have so much inside of ourselves. We sometimes fall under certain definitions or roles. Well, if I am an engineer, I can’t think of some other field. Or  if I want to be a teacher or of service, dealing with money is outside my realm or my capacity. The book allows you to ask questions – Why am I stuck? Why am I not getting the results I want.

Find out your gift through meditation
Our life is always changing minute by minute, day by day. Our perceptions, our understanding are influenced by things we’ve just learned, heard or experience. Unless we give us the time to detach and reconnect with who we are, is impossible to find out what our real intentions are, and our priorities are. We can achieve this through meditation. But it will take time. This is not a sixty-second fix. With anything that is important in life, whether it is our relationships or health, we need to set aside a reasonable amount of time to devote to that. It took me several years to find out what meditation was to me. It meant having inner conversations with my higher-self, guides, God. And that takes a bit of time. Every person here have some unique gifts to offer. Taking the time to discover them and sharing them with the world is very important. Nobody is insignificant.

We have the power to make financial choices that support our life purpose
If we look at money as a resource for us to use and make available, we have the power to make conscious choices about it. This removes money from being a separate entity or energy that has independent forces on us. The illusion of separation puts us in a victim mode or in being the recipient of whatever happens around us. When we spend time remembering who we really are and get reacquainted with our personal power and intuition, we realize that we have a lot other options and that we are the ones who can make choices to use these resources so that they support our life purposes.

The keys to financial freedom
Awareness, empowerment and action. Each chapter of the book is designed to fit in one of these categories. Setting your priorities and intentions helps you stay focused on what’s important in your life and not getting confused about making financial choices. Figuring out your life goals first and making the money decisions second is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people have. Owning your financial story is also important. And also, the emotional components we put in there. So that you can say a bit more objectively: “This is where I am, financially. What are the financial tools and processes that I can use to move to another state so that I don’ y have to keep rehashing the parts of my story I don’t like?
Understanding what your needs are is another key.  There is an extensive chapter about budgeting. It can be an opportunity to identify what your resources are, what you need to put into place if you want to move to a different space and gives you the freedom to say that you’ve got it under control.

Take the law of attraction as a principle of attraction
There is an infinite number of ways we can experience abundance or spirituality. One of the keys is to know when you are in touch with your intuition what is resonating with you and works for you and go for it. I encourage people to take the law of attraction as a principle of attraction. We can focus on these principles and make them of our own on an individual basis. Using somebody else’s approach, affirmations or words will not get us that connection we are looking for. It’s embodying the energy of connection with ourselves and our spiritual experiences. It’s only when we embody more and more that energy that we start see more synchronicities occurring.

We all have the ability to make  good decisions
People feel that they need a separate education in finances to be able to make proper decisions. We all have the capability to feel what’s a good decision. When people feel comfortable with themselves and get in touch with their intuition, they make the right decisions. If you took an hour and a quarter a week, during a three-month period, you could do all of your financial planning. Taking ten to fifteen minutes a day to meditate to get in touch with your inner self is going to be much more productive than continuing to ignore the whole process and worrying for many hours a day. We have to stop focusing on those areas that drain us of energy.

Read more about your financial freedom in Laurie Bosnser’s book “The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship.” 

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