I’ll Dress You With My Love

By A.G.Billig
May 27th, 2017

One of my favorite Madonna’s songs is “Dress You Up.” Yes, it may sound a bit dated and cheesy, but the chorus reveals the secret of having a happy romantic relationship. For as long as it is meant to last.

Ready to hear it?

Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), dress your partner with your love.

Dear ladies, who worry about your looks and compare yourself to other women, who spend a fortune (of time and money) on your body, let’s face it! All women are unique and pretty. There’s nothing wrong with paying attention to your looks. Too many women neglect this aspect once the man is trapped into marriage. But, at the end of the day, he will remember not so much the color of your bra, but how you made him feel when you wore that bra.

Instead of fearing that bigger boobs or longer legs will steal him away from you, you’d better stop nagging, controlling, or putting him down. Make him feel loved, appreciated, needed, valued, and then think about what dress to wear. Welcome him with a smile and a hug when he comes back from work, thank him for all that he’s doing for you, and offer your support when he needs it. You may not be into all his hobbies but now and then give it a try. It will create a closer connection plus you might have incredible fun. Allow him to be himself and comfortable in your presence. Show him that he is a knight in shining armor for you, but that he doesn’t need to wear it at home. Be that oasis of tenderness and joy and love in a world that’s already too demanding. It’s not about manipulating him. It’s about living with an open heart and allowing the femininity and kindness inside of you to manifest.

Dear gentlemen, your woman is not there for you just to make you feel good and entertain you. She is a goddess, alright, but her human side will sometimes feel worried, tired, depressed, upset. All that she needs in those moments is for you to listen to her or, at times, just hold her and tell her that everything will be alright. Same as you do, she needs to feel loved, cherished, and admired. Somebody told me once even a beautiful woman wants to see herself beautiful in someone’s eyes. That’s true.

While we need to learn solitude before being able to have healthy couple relationship, we are not meant to live lonely lives. On the contrary, we are meant to dress each other with our love.

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