By A.G.Billig
Oct 14th, 2018

There is more to the award-winning composer, producer, and guitarist George Solonos than his fantastic talent, electrifying live performances, and rock star looks. If you are lucky to have the opportunity to catch a glimpse beyond the surface, you discover the staggering depth and bright light of an old and loving soul.


What is femininity to you? What makes a woman feminine?
George Solonos: Femininity to me is a great attraction force that stems exclusively from within. It is definitely NOT something acquired by outside factors like lets say, make up, bottox, instagram filters or any form of body alteration. Sure, those can help, if you’re looking to fit in some crazy society norms and standards, but true femininity is only unleashed in full force when one accepts and loves their selves fully for their own uniqueness of mind, body and spirit.

What is love?
George Solonos: “Baby don’t hurt me… no more… “

Ok seriously, here is my take:
Love is the ability to step in someone’s shoes and feel what they feel. It is connecting with someone or something so deeply that you become “it” or “them” for a moment or more. It is the intention of caring for someone or something unconditionally as you are part of it and it is a part of yourself.
How is the love for music different than other types of love in your life?
George Solonos: It is not! Music is alive. It’s a universal language that secretly heals and connects us all with our selves and the world around us.


I know you have a strong connection with nature. Why?
George Solonos: Yeah, I guess I’m a hippy deep down…

Truth is, I like to observe nature carefully, I try to learn by taking examples from it as I feel that if you really let it in there are such great life lessons to be learned.

For example, nature has the power to equally create and destroy so that it can create again. This to me, acts as a huge mirror that reflects our inward and outward life journey. Also, we all evidently come from nature and we will all eventually be delivered to it so we indubitably belong to it, its home.
On a more creative note, being outside in nature and especially close to the water heals, grounds, inspires and gives me an overwhelming feeling of wonder and admiration that I like to incorporate in my music.

What is your mission, as an artist?
George Solonos: I never saw music as a mission but rather as an inner necessity. Whether you create it or experience it, it is food for the soul and God knows we need it to help keep IT alive.

So in short, music literally saved my life and now I feel it’s my turn to repay the debt by letting others feel what it makes me feel. I genuinely create what heals me in hope that this healing will also apply to others.
For some reason, it appears to be working and I am very grateful for that.

How do you replenish your well of inspiration?
George Solonos:
Nature, God and the Universe is my source of inspiration.

Your acoustic EP released in 2018 is called “Dawn”. Although the title can be interpreted in many ways, I’d like you to tell us the story of this album.
George Solonos: For a great amount of my career, I have been working with a plethora of bands, solo artists and film producers.

was an attempt to break out of all energies that are outside of myself and single handedly explore the bare depths of the inner world; hence the super simplistic production approach.
“Dawn” was also released the day a brotherly friend welcomed his son to the world so I dedicated this album to him.

Some people say that we’re living the dawn of a new era of peace and prosperity on the planet. Where do you see the humankind heading?
George Solonos: Every day and every moment is a new era. Tuning out of the “suggested” collective and tuning into the real wonder that is life around us will heal all that is connected to it.

What did you have to give up to fulfill your life purpose and follow your calling?
George Solonos: Living and working is Los Angeles and also studying abroad for many years meant that I had to sacrifice being close to my family, childhood friends and loved ones. Thanks to the power of the internet though, we catch up perhaps more often than we would if I was always physically there.

What is, in your opinion, the Universal language of love?
George Solonos: That is something I believe cannot be put in plain single-dimensional words, but only in energy and actions. Each person has something different to offer and can express love in their own special way.

You were born in Cyprus, moved to Greece for 5 years, then got your Master’s Degree in Music Production in the UK, and now you live in LA. Four different cultures yet what do they have in common? In what are people similar despite their country of birth? What unites them?
George Solonos:
What I found intriguingly interesting while observing the cultural differences in ways and mentalities all over the world is that what underlyingly unifies us all is the basic need for love and acceptance.
Perhaps we could try and give these two things to each other and watch what happens…

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