Bring your Facebook profile picture to life for Children’s Day

By AnDreea
Jun 1st, 2016

13315459_10154279680223982_2455021722642770086_nAs I opened Facebook this morning, the newsfeed was invaded by pictures of children. Some black and white, some in colours. “I will not fall into it,” I told myself in a obvious display of I-won’t-go-with-the-herd syndrome. Yet, seconds later I changed my profile picture with a temporary one showing me, as a three-year old, together with my parents. My mum’s head is slightly turned away but my father is looking straight into the camera, his eyes sparkling with joy. He has that gaze I loved so much and that, I realize now, I kept looking for in other men all of my life. Back to children’s day. Sometimes, getting in line with other people can be good. It can inspire you to bring your Facebook profile picture to life for Children’s Day.

Busy uploading childhood

Eventually, I decided that I would make of this 1st of June more than just a childhood picture on social media. This day is all about uploading childhood in my life. First thing first, remember how it was be a little girl:

  • Never worry or fuss about a thing
  • Always put imagination to work
  • Be present and actually notice the a beautiful flower, a clear sky and other wonderful things
  • Be authentic. Maybe not so authentic as to say you don’t want to get in the elevator with a person because she is ugly, as I did, but still
  • Have an open heart. Remember those days on the playground when you asked children you didn’t know if they wanted to play with you?
  • Be willing to share. Yes, some kids are willing to share their toys.
  • Enjoy life. For kids, days are a perpetual merry-go-round of joy. They play, they imagine, they learn and …. 
  • Expand. 
  • Live and let go. Children don’t hold grudges. They get upset and than forget about it. They cry now and laugh the minute after. They leave unpleasant experiences in the past.
  • Dream big. Nothing is impossible for a child. He knows that, when he will grow up, he will get on Mars. 

To do list for the 1st of June

Today is about uploading the childhood mood and making it last through the summer. Is about celebrating the inner child.

How about enjoying everything we do and finding joy in all of our activities? Remember our childhood big dreams, being grateful for fulfilling them or thinking about ways to fulfill them from mnow on?
How about smiling with, and without reason?
How about paying a visit to our parents or get in touch with our childhood friends?
How about climbing into a tree or playing a childhood game?
How about telling the truth?
How about replacing worries with gratitude and confidence?
How about eating a cake and blowing the candles?

How about bringing your 1st of June Facebook profile picture  to life?

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