4 Usi si Alte Povestiri

By A.G.Billig
Feb 12th, 2014
4 Usi Si Alte Povesti

4 Usi Si Alte Povesti

“4 Usi si Alte Povesti” is more than another version, in another language, of “Four Doors and Other Stories.” The book includes twenty one short stories, the twelve in the English version and nine more , previously unreleased. These are: “The Club Dancers”, “The House in the Tree”, “A Monk”, “After Two Years”, “An old-fashion guy”, “Evgheni’s Hat”, “Karma”, “Andy Warhol”, “Joy”. Some of the new stories were completed by the time “Four Doors and Other Stories” was still a work of progress, some were written in 2013. Thus, the project of a volume of twenty stories about love that comes to us in so many forms, to help us grow and know ourselves better, is now complete. The book unfold as a journey into the human soul as well as the four seasons of the year. Although it starts with spring, you can always jump to “autumn” if you are feeling melancholic or cool the hot summer days with some winter stories.

A taxi driver, a wonder boy living in a vineyard countryside, a newspaper reporter, a holy monk, Any Warhol himself, a wanna-be poet join the gallery of characters. But don’t expect to find names of streets, cities or countries (with one exception). Some of you might recognise certain places because of their vibe and flavour. Nevertheless, since these are stories about the human soul – and I believe the human soul is universal, I considered that being very specific about the historical period and geographical location was not mandatory.

The book is available in paperback and digital format.

Publishing house: Editura Data Group, Timisoara, Romania.

The book is available for sale in paperback online:

Clinica De Bere Shop

and at Donia – “Bacania cu suflet” in Bucharest, Mendeleev Street (Piata Romana vicinity).

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