What is the project of love?

By A.G.Billig
Jun 22nd, 2016


Today is my last day in my hometown for the next two months and a half. As I stood barefoot in the grass this morning sentinelled by Oona – the loveliest Yorkie I know, I realized that anywhere I’ll go I’ll be home. Because, setting aside the illusory, geopolitical boundaries, the Earth is a loving home for all of us. I also realized that people are the same. Take away the spoken words and cultural heritage; we are all animated by spirit. We all dream and breath. We all have the same longing for  love, purpose, kindness despite its too often awkward or violent manifestation.

There is more than one path to your life purpose
The longing for life purpose and meaning, which I felt during the early teenage years pushed me into a continuous quest for my gift. Does it ring a bell? That activity you would do for free. That fills you up with energy. That makes  you sing under the shower. That brings a smile on your face when you fall asleep. I experienced different professional occupations: radio and TV host and producer, editor in chief and reporter, PR consultant, translator and interpreter, public speaker. And, of course, published author. When I look back, I realize that these have in common an appetite for stories and human interaction as well as the desire to be of service. In his book, “The Power of Persuasion”, Robert Cialdini says that all people are kind at heart. They all enjoy doing good deeds.

Finding the uniting element
I enjoy all the activities mentioned above. How was I going to be able to do them consistently? And, above this, what was my purpose ? In November 2015, “The Project of Love” was born. My mission became crystal clear: help people shift from a state of fear to a state of love. “I Choose Love!” – the book was the first step. The dedicated website is still a work in progress. And so are the other elements, including a four-week online training.

Why shifting from fear to love? Well, apart from the tangible benefits in terms of health mentioned also in the book, I believe that love is the only remedy to violence. Change is possible only at a personal level. The more of us make this change, the more visible the results will be. There are plenty of articles about the current global shifts in consciousness level, yet we need to express them in our daily life. Put ourselves into anther person’s shoes. Give a smile or say something nice. Help a stranger. Anything. Just start somewhere.

Begin the project of love with yourself
I confess I was (and still am) the first subject of  The Project Of Love. How am I supposed to teach love when I don’t love myself? How can you pour water out of an empty vessel? How can you guarantee that something works if you don’t try it yourself?

A podacaster asked me how can love be of interest to his audience – made up of business owners and entrepreneurs? My question is how can it not? How can you thrive in a business if you do not love what you do?

Therefore, the first step is to learn to love yourself. Transform your heart into a well that oupours love. Then offer it to other people. Inspire them to choose love, same as you. There is no greater power than the power of example.

What better time of the year to do this than summer? Summer with its long and sunny days, beautiful colors and warmth?

You can read more about my summer love experiences in two recent guest blog posts I’ve written. I thank Maria from reikirays.com and Mary Ann Yarde for helping me spread the message of love around the world and hosting me on their wonderful blogs.

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