OneRepublic conquered Bucharest

By A.G.Billig
Jun 5th, 2015
One Republic performing in Bucharest

One Republic performing in Bucharest

This is a post about joy, passion and music. OneRepublic conquered Bucharest, giving a hell of performance last night as part of their current Native World Tour.  rThe rain stopped just second after the band started playing their first song.  From the very first moment, the audience and the group were one. Thousands of fans screamed and sang along a string of hits such as “Apologise”, “Counting Stars”, “Secrets”, “Stop and Stare”.

The Americans gave 100% and, besides being great musicians and performers, they conveyed emotion. The cello, the classic guitar and the piano added depth and sensibility to the songs. They made me sing, dance, scream, applaud. For almost two hours, they also put a big smile on my face.

For the encore moment, OneRepublic saved quiet a treat: “Love Runs Out”, Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World” performed brilliantly by Ryan and “If I Lose Myself”, a song that was streamed live all over the world.

“Romanians, you are offensively beautiful” Ryan shouted in the mic before the last song “If I Lose Myself”. The band spent two days in Romania’s capital and even worked on a new song.

There is one more thing I like about OneRepublic. Even when all the odds were against them, they didn’t give up. They followed their dream. Their record label dropped them two weeks before the launch of their first album. Than Timbaland remixed “Apologise”. The rest is history.

So, if an editor rejects your manuscript, don’t panic, don’t give up! Use the Internet and find your audience there (OneRepublic were huge on MySpace before getting a record deal). And go to a OneRepublic concert! They are on tour!

OneRepublic epic performance ending

OneRepublic epic performance ending

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