Book Launch Countdown Report Day #5: ABOUT TRUST

By A.G.Billig
Mar 16th, 2016
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I wish I’d could replace my head with a laptop. This mutation would be a real justification for spending months closer to a computer screen than to a human being. Preparing a book launch is equally acceptable. There are only five days until the big launch— a virtual one since I chose to self-publish on Amazon – and despite all the planning there are so many things left to do. There are also lessons to be learned every day. Not only about self-publishing for the first time-I promise I will put everything in a book- but also about yourself.


Day five before the book launch is about trust and love. I’ve had serious trust issues today. In all honesty, they started as soon as the idea or writing “I Choose Love! Overcome Your Fears To Attract The Life You Want” popped into my head. You see, until November 2015, I never imagined that I could write a nonfiction book in the self-help genre. After all, I’m not a self-help guru, and there are already so many books out there. I decided to trust my inner voice, though, and take action. I realized that the sum of my life experiences and knowledge would result in something unique. The sum of your life experiences, your knowledge, and your goal (or mission) make your book unique. My goal was to provide practical and tested tools for overcoming fears in a Universe governed by immutable laws and kept together by love. I had no conversation with God, but I learned to trust my intuition.
Today I’ve learned to trust my team. People I had no idea they existed whom I met in the process of creating the book. Sherry Lee, my editor, and Felix Bârcă, the cover designer. They did a fantastic job. I haven’t questioned for one second my editor’s skills until today. One of the ladies who received an ARC list has got back to me with an excerpt highlighted for errors. It is mostly minor stuff: commas, em-dashes, wording. I was devastated. I wrote to Sheryl immediately. She explained why she consciously overlooked those “mistakes.” Bottom line, you cannot please everyone, and you don’t have to be more Catholic than the Pope. Felix offered to give me a hand with formatting. He has an extensive experience as a Graphic Designer and lives in California. He also loves to read and knows how to make a book look modern and professional. I was reluctant at first to his suggestions, but then I realized they might be right. Yes, pay attention to other people’s opinions, when they are well-intentioned, but trust your team.
In the book launch process – planning, making bloggers and Amazon reviewers lists, posting in Facebook groups, sending emails, asking people to review ARCs of “I Choose Love! Overcome Your Fears To Attract The Life You Want” – I almost forgot about the book itself. We were never part, yet we became strangers. Same as in a romantic relationship when two people grow distant. Earlier today while revising the manuscript I’ve fallen back in love with it. Life and books demand the same. Be in love with yr life, wrote Jack Kerouac. And the life we love you back. How can other people love your book if you’re not in love with it yourself? I don’t believe it’s narcissistic and am not ashamed to admit that I love my book. I poured my heart and soul into those pages. I spent hours and hours every day since November last year on it, giving my best. If the readers will love it, if they will find it useful and inspirational is out of my reach. I can only enjoy offering them my gift.

Trust: your book, your talent, yourrself, your readers.
Love: your book, yourself, your readers.

P.S. Ladies wear perfume during the book launch preparations. Even when you are staying in, at your desk. It will add some inspiration.

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