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By A.G.Billig
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Dec 27th, 2012

SantaMy dear all, I hope that you are still under the Christmas spell. That your heart is full of love, compassion and joy, that your tummy hurts a bit, not because of too much food, but because of laughter! I hope you are feeling energized and courageous, full of passion and eager to live through all the experiences that lay ahead.

As for me, the second Xmas day, ended beautifully, with “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey”, feeling a bit of Frodo myself, taking the first step out my comfort zone, learning how to be myself, seeing a bit of Gandalf in every challenge that comes along.

I fell asleep smiling, seeing myself wondering carefree across the emerald – green field of the Shire and woke up with this idea of offering you a new year gift, an excerpt from my book, “Four Doors and Other Stories”.

A story that will lead across centuries and continents, that is available for download in pdf format by clicking this link:  Four Doors and Other Stories -excerpt.


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